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The Problem

If urine odor is the issue in the restroom we need to improve the cleaning process. The majority of the time urine odors result from products and cleaning procedures that temporarily mask the problem. They do not eliminate it. We are going to discuss the procedures for eliminating urine odors.

All-purpose cleaners do not get rid of urine odors in a restroom. Would you use an all-cleaner if you were cleaning up after a puppy you were house breaking? The puppy would still smell the scent. This is why vets and pet stores recommend enzyme cleaners for this purpose. All-purpose cleaners cannot kill the bacteria found in urine. They leave a nice scent. They may make the restroom smell nice. It will not help with the over all urine odor in the restroom. The bacteria is still there. In fact it could even add to the bacteria.

Eliminating Urine Odors

To ensure you eliminate urine odors thoroughly mop the floors. Then scrub the grout with a high-quality tile cleaner. This removes surface grime. You want to remember that the bacteria in urine is spread through the water droplets while flushing. These water droplets land on the floor, the walls surrounding the toilet or urinal. They even can land on the handle and toilet seat. You want to use a general cleaner on other problem areas, including toilets, urinals, and partitions. These items need to be well cleaned to remove any urine odor from the restroom.

According to CleanLink “One popular choice for a cleaner designed for urine is an odor-neutralizing cleaner formulated with quaternary ammonium. There are also bio-enzymatic cleaners, which are non-pathogenic, bacteria-based cleaners that break down and digest the urine to remove the soil and odor. Hydrogen-peroxide cleaners and lactic- or gluconic acid-based cleaners are also effective. Which chemical a BSC chooses depends on the type of surface and preference.”

Once you select the chemical you want, use the solution to saturate the surfaces. If the floor is coated with urine light mopping will not be enough. Follow manufacturer directions for proper saturation time before removing the chemical.

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