Commercial Cleaning Services

At Lake Michigan Cleaning Service, we recognize the vital role a clean environment plays in the success of your business. Serving Metro Detroit, we offer comprehensive commercial cleaning services tailored to the unique needs of industrial and manufacturing facilities. Our commitment is to ensure your property mirrors the quality and care you invest in your business.

Industrial & Manufacturing Services

Your property deserves the same quality & care you put into running your business. Lake Michigan Cleaning Service's commercial cleaning teams can ensure that your facility is clean and ready for your employees and customers.


Whether you need daily janitorial support or an overnight custodial team, Lake Michigan Cleaning Service is Metro Detroit’s cleaning company you can trust.


All of our services are performed by trained ISSA/CMI janitorial professionals. We are bonded and insured for your protection.

Industrial Cleaning

Why Choose Lake Michigan Cleaning Service?

  • Trusted in Metro Detroit

    A reliable partner for your commercial cleaning needs, recognized for our dedication and quality.

  • Flexible Cleaning Solutions

    Whether you require daily janitorial support or overnight custodial teams, we adapt to your schedule and needs.

  • Professionally Trained Team

    Our ISSA/CMI-certified janitorial professionals are trained to handle the complexities of industrial and manufacturing environments.

  • Fully Bonded and Insured

    Ensuring peace of mind with comprehensive insurance and bonding for the protection of your facility.


Our Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Customized Cleaning Plans - Designed to meet the specific needs of your business, from general cleaning to specialized services.
  • Advanced Cleaning Technologies - Utilizing the latest equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for efficient and effective results.
  • Regular Maintenance and Deep Cleaning - Keeping your facility in top condition, enhancing the work environment for employees and impressions for customers.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards - Adhering to the highest safety and cleanliness standards, ensuring a safe and healthy workspace.

The Benefits of Professional Cleaning

  • Improved Workplace Hygiene - A clean facility reduces health risks and promotes a healthier environment for employees and customers.
  • Enhanced Professional Image - A well-maintained space reflects positively on your business, instilling confidence in your clients and partners.
  • Increased Productivity - Clean and organized workspaces contribute to higher employee morale and efficiency.
  • Cost Savings in the Long Run - Regular professional cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your facilities and equipment, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements over time.

Our Commitment

Lake Michigan Cleaning Service is dedicated to delivering superior quality services at competitive prices. Our well-trained, carefully screened team ensures that your industrial or manufacturing facility is impeccably maintained, reflecting the high standards of your business. We prioritize clear communication, teamwork, and integrity in all our services.

Contact Lake Michigan Cleaning Service

Let us help you keep your commercial space spotless and efficient. Contact Lake Michigan Cleaning Service today to discuss how we can support your business's cleaning needs.

Krystal Powell

Robert and team are always prompt and professional. We really enjoy not just the attention to detail, but the demeanor. They value my time as much as I do and are always all around fantastic. I HIGHLY recommend this company, you’ll love the work they do!

Da Vinci Dental

Lake Michigan cleaning service does a fabulous job cleaning our very large, very busy dental office. Robert and the rest of Lake Michigan Cleaning Services are very professional, confidential and pay close attention to every cleaning need you have. As the Office Manager of Da Vinci Dental I would highly recommend this company for your cleaning needs.


Certified Professional Trainer

All of Lake Michigan Cleaning Service's technicians are trained by a ISSA/CMI certified trainer, one of the most recognized education and certification programs in the professional cleaning industry.

Learn more about ISSA/CMI's Train the Trainer program featuring Lake Michigan Cleaning Service!

Member And Instructor

Lake Michigan Cleaning Service's founder is a member and instructor at CIRI “The Cleaning Industry Research Institute" based in Columbus, Ohio.

Learn more about CIRI
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