The Issue

What is usually the source of most complaints in buildings? Restrooms. What do you hear complaints of most regarding restroom issues? Urine Odors.
Everyone has to use the restroom at some point during the  work day or even during a visit to an office. Businesses are constantly judged on their overall appearance Рand especially on their restrooms. How many times have you gone into a restroom at a store or an office building and their restroom has toilet tissue all over the floor, one of the toilets is backed up, the restroom has urine odors, there is water on the floor, the trash has not been emptied, there is no soap in the dispenser, and the hand towels are out? That makes you not want to return to that store or have visit that building again. And if you work in those places its even worse!

What Do We Do?

In that entire experience described above what is the worse part? The one you remember even as you read this post? I assure you it was the urine smell. That is because odors are directly related to memory and emotion. That is why realtors have such appealing smells when selling houses. However, we do not want restrooms to elicit negative memories that visitors and employees relate to the buildings and businesses.
It is vital that there are no offensive urine odors. Building Service Contractors (BSCs) are often changed due to the appearance and smells radiating from the restrooms.
You want a BSC who has the right equipment, materials, and supplies, in combination with a strong training program so that they can properly eliminate these urine odors. A BSC does not want to use chemicals that just mask the odors. The TRUE smell of clean is not bleach or fragrances. The true smell of clean is no smell at all! This means the source of the smell has been eliminated.
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