What Does Janitorial Services Include?

Janitorial services include regularly cleaning commercial buildings like medical facilities, schools, office buildings, restaurants, and many other publicly used buildings.  Janitorial services include vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, and wiping down desks. It also includes cleaning the breakroom, wiping down windows and door handles, and trash removal. The janitor must make sure to use the correct products while cleaning to prevent any cross-contamination of germs or bacteria. 

Benefits of Janitorial Services

The benefits of having scheduled janitorial services are endless. The property receiving services is able to keep up with building maintenance while employees are able to stay focused on their work tasks instead of cleaning their environment. This service also gives you peace of mind knowing your business is always in its best shape. When people have a good first impression of the place they are visiting, it gives your business a good reputation as well as will have customers returning. Finally, it provides a healthy environment for both staff and customers. A clean and healthy environment will have staff taking less sick time, and give your customers a welcoming and professional environment to come into. 

Janitorial Services with Lake Michigan Cleaning Services

Lake Michigan Cleaning Service is one of the top commercial cleaning services in Southeast Michigan servicing commercial clients in Southfield, MI, Troy, MI, Royal Oak, MI, and surrounding cities. Our team is dedicated to maintaining high-quality janitorial cleaning service and delivering 100% customer satisfaction. We offer competitive pricing in areas such as office cleaning, cleaning of medical facilities, industrial and manufacturing cleaning, and more. Our well-trained employees are carefully screened. If you have any questions about our janitorial services, contact us online or give us a call at 888-519-5455. 

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